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   COMPLETE PROPERTY SERVICE  Tel 0034 667879271

Relocatetospain can now offer its members an independent and secure property service second to none

 We help ensure a safe, legal and above all value for money purchase,        whilst helping you before, during and long after your purchase


We Now Offer:


        A property portfolio running into many thousands of Properties


        A Guaranteed Spanish MORTGAGE Facility Better than any one Bank


        The Finest Independent Solicitors on the Coast.. They Act for you NOT the Agent


        A Pre and After Care and Information Service No other agent can match .



 If you see a property for sale on the web, chances are, We can get it for you cheaper !


See Below for More Details .


1) PROPERTIES: We have many exclusive properties both residential covering Country, Town or Coastal and Commercials including Land from small individual building plots to large approved Urbanization parcels whilst working with many reputable agents & developers in Southern Spain and with such, are able to negotiate discounts for our members that otherwise, they may not get.

Our site is only designed to show an example of these types of properties and our real worth is in finding our members their dream property by listening to their needs and matching these to properties from our extensive unrivaled database which now runs into thousands of properties.

Simply let us know what you are looking for and your budget and we feel sure, we will be able to find something to match. Give us a try, it costs nothing, you are under NO PRESSURE and you wont be disappointed.


2) MORTGAGES:  We have now teamed up with one of Southern Spain's prominent mortgage Brokers who can virtually guarantee to find you a mortgage for your Spanish property.

 Obtaining mortgages on resale properties from within the Spanish system can be a very long winded hit or miss process where mortgages of up to 70% of the property valuation can still be difficult to obtain for ex pats. However our new association is to cut through this red tape and help all our members obtain the finance they need, whatever their personal circumstances and in many cases up to 80% and more. Drop us a line or give us a call if you require more details.


3) SOLICITORS: Southern Spain has many solicitors and like any where else in the World some are not so good ,some are good and some very good.

We at Relocatetospain have identified and used many times the Solicitors we consider to be the best in the Area for our members and being totally independent instruct these solicitors to act for you, their customer, in their best interests.

We have seen members being advised in a personal capacity by our recommended solicitors not to proceed with a property, for fear of future problems (not necessarily seen at present) that could be faced.  We know from experience there are few solicitors (many working to the instructions of the agents and not necessary the clients) who would advice their clients accordingly, preferring instead to complete the purchase to the immediate satisfaction of both client and agent.

We believe a truly good solicitor is the one who works for the very best interest of his/her client irrespective of who introduced them and is not afraid to speak out if there are abnormalities, however trivial, with the purchase. This we are absolutely confident our solicitors will do. Take away the fear of Spanish Property ownership and elect to employ your own Good Spanish Lawyer and live the dream!. Ask us for referrals.


4) Pre & After CARE: RelocatetoSpain are the only true personal relocators on the Coast and offer an information and care service second to none. We constantly meet our members for coffee and a chat long before the decision to purchase or move across is made, from where we accompany the members on the trek of obtaining all relevant documentation including the NIE number from the Police station ,to finding their dream home and assisting in all associated events in funding, buying, removals, furnishing, building and living in their chosen dream home. This in addition to our helping members understand the likes of car ownership, healthcare, schools and general well being in their new Country.


It is interesting to note that we are now finding an increasing number of members moving across who first wrote to us more than four years ago and are now, with our help, living the dream.


Don't worry that you may become a victim (like the very few who are shown on UK TV) of a Spanish Property  horror story...Find and Buy in Total Confidence by using the Complete Professional services of Relocatetospain.com and Live the Dream!