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Living in Spain or Live in Spain Info for those looking to live or relocate to spain, living in spain or to live in spain help to relocate to spain or relocating to spain to live in spain

                                      Members Comments                                  

Below are just a few extracts from the many welcomed letters we receive from our members

it only seems like yesterday when meike & I were racking your brains and we're very glad to have met you, we are very grateful for your help and guidance. even though we moved to another area, it was your website, your information and your enthusiasm which spurred us on to live the dream . Meike & Daz...Torrevieja

 P.S  The info on your website is great,-very informative, covering subjects we hadn't even thought about.   Mandy Holman .....Preston

Will give you a ring nearer the time with, no doubt some last minute requests for your services. Its been so reassuring just knowing you are out there for us. I am sure your advice will be on-going and invaluable. Cant wait to get out there...Save some sun for us! ( and after helping them Buy their dream home ) Well that was painless enough! thanks so very much for all your help . Bob & Beryl ...Plymouth

        Thanks for everything.. As I keep saying, we could not have done it without you
Tears of joy here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks millions.
Steve and Chris... Yorkshire
(The Porsche is in the post.) ....
We are still waiting!!  Terry

Arrived home safely. Would like to thank you and Tricia very much for the help and support you gave us. We appreciate that you gave us so much of your valuable time showing us properties and giving us advice on all aspects of properties in Spain. Hopefully we may be able to come back to you soon with our requirements. ... Dereck & Lynn..  Bath

Extracts of a letter sent to the 'WOMAN' MAGAZINE
It started with downloading their well-presented 'Relocate to Spain' web site. Well worth the symbolic small fee.....  With the Wood's 'Relocate to Spain' site, one senses that the wealth of information contained therein is a synthesis of such first hand trials and tribulations... We now have acquired our home in the Sun...None of the above would have happened with such an apparent ease if it where not for the kind, courteous and above all efficient help of 'Relocate to Spain'
In the final analysis, 'Relocate to Spain's guidance and assistance have proved invaluable and I'll always be glad to have come across Woman's November 5th 2001 issue............... A Mullin Esq ... Warwickshire

(We helped find Mr. Mullin and his Family their dream home whilst saving them Thousands of Pounds in the Process. This in addition to collecting their old pet dog 'Lucy' from the airport the day before they were due to fly out.2 years on and we actually resold his home to another of our members satisfying both parties)

Thank you once again Terry & Tricia for being there for us. Look forward to seeing you soon.
D Baron....Lancashire

brilliant web site, very impressed. Richard and Sandra Neill ... Ely Cambridgeshire

As we said at the beginning, this is just a very small sample of the excellent praise we receive from our members, The majority of whom once moved out here become our very good and close friends....We are not an 'here today and gone tomorrow' company, we are here for you long after you have made a step to live or purchase property in Spain.

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