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  • There are no border restrictions on bringing in any domestic pet into Spain from the UK
    However certain rules governing their importation must be met,   although these are under current
    review and are subject to change in the near future


  • You will require a health certificate issued by a ministry of Agriculture recognized VET ask your Vet for nearest practice (most are themselves registered)

  • The certificate must be issued within 25 days of entry into Spain 

  • Some animals will require a rabies vaccination certificate - Ask your vet for advice

  • You will also need a certificate (again from the Vet) stating the animal is disease free

  • You will need to meet your pet on arrival at the Airport

  • Some Animals may be required to be picked up in the cargo section of the    airport but most cats & dogs can be picked up along with the luggage

  • You must provide the correct sized travelling container suitable for the size and weight of the animal

  • It is advisable to use the services of a recognized Pet removal firm. These    specialize in nothing else and can advice & supply all travel documentation and travel containers

  • Most carriers will not fly mixed animals i.e. cats will fly with cats and so on

  • Animal Airlines Tel: 0161 223 4035 is an excellent company who will look after everything from Manchester or will inform you of other airport operators

  • Most animals travel very well but as in humans some can experience a little travel upset so lots of fuss and tender loving care on arrival.

  • Seek professional advice from your Vet for exporting an exotic pets

  • Most Uk pets should settle into their Spanish lifestyles very well but do remember that due to the hotter climate Dogs will need a good cut & groom to help keep them cool.

  • There are lots of wild cats & abandoned dogs in Spain all looking for a caring home ,should you not have one now, chances are one will adopt  you on arrival to your new home.


TIP: Most brands of Dog & Cat food can be bought in Spain although specialist foods & bedding for Rodents can be a little harder to find. There is also no shortage of good vets in Spain