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  • Any one will be treated in an emergency but if not registered as below you will be charged for the treatment.

  • Most Doctors operate from local clinics

  • You register with your nearest clinic

  • A doctor will be assigned to your family

  • Waiting may be done on a number basis

  • Long waits can be a draw back

  • The overall standards are very good

  • Most Doctors speak a little English or may have a volunteer translator

  • Local Pharmacists are a good place for ailment diagnostics, most speak English


  • Any pensioner who has paid up contributions in the UK whether resident or tourist

  • Anyone who is registered as working in Spain whether self employed or as a employee

  • Any one else should have a private medical insurance policy or use the EEC Health Card (old e111)

  • Any one moving to Spain is best to bring the EC Medical Card from the DHS for free treatment

  • EC Medical Card is valued for one year and covers all the named family listed but is only ment for those on holiday!

  • Spanish EC Medical Card should be taken to UK by residents of Spain to obtain treatment there

  • Pensioners who apply for residency should obtain form E-121(or its new EC equivalent)  from the DSS to give the  Spanish Social Security Office for their official Spanish Card

  • Those not of retirement age with some form of UK sickness benefit may benefit from form  E-106 (or EC equivalent) from the DSS

  • Prescribed medicines are Free for old aged pensioners who qualify.

  • Prescriptions are subsidised for registered workers in Spain by as much as 40%

  • The service given in the Spanish Hospitals are arguably as good as any in the UK

  • Private specialist consultations are very good and usually within a day of contacting

  • Minor Operations are conducted in many Specialist Private clinics

  • Antibiotics are readily available from the local pharmacists

  • Those on private medical insurance benefit from some of the finest hospitals in the World


  • One for those able to look after themselves

  • One for those needing assistance for the invalids or chronically ill

  • One for mixed residences.

  • You must be over 65 or 60 if widowed or invalid.

  • You must be a pensioner of the Spanish Social Security System or a Spouse of the said.

  • You may apply to any, in any province of Spain

  • Apply at any Spanish Social Security Office

  • Private Charity homes exist for all but may take a portion of pension funds as payment

  • Comfortable Basic to Luxurious Private homes for the elderly are found throughout Spain

TIP: The Cost to see most specialists is usually half that of the UK and can be much quicker ask your  doctor for the Specialists tel number and ring direct.

Most needs catered for in the UK can be found in Spain the only difference being the costs  involved and for those who have resided in Spain for at least 10 years without paying into the Social Security System can still be eligible for a non-Contribute Old Aged Pension.