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If you spend more than Six months
physically in Spain during one calendar year, you will be classed as a  Spanish resident 
Non EU tourists have the right to stay 180 days with no formalities. After this they have to apply for a residence permit or leave the Country.

Applying for residency can be quiet daunting for those unable to speak the language, Best to employ a Gestor (agent) if funds allow but obtain a few quotes & English referrals first before employing one - if possible.


The Laws have recently changed to cut down on the red tape and make the whole process easier

  • You will be required to show you have enough income to support yourself.

  • A basic UK retirement pension should be sufficient

  • Apply at the National Police Station in your region (openings usually 9am - 1pm)

  • You will require your Passport and also:

  • A completed application form (obtained from the Police)

  • Receipt of payment of the fee (approx 8) obtain form 750 from police & pay into any bank.

  • Either Private Medical insurance or EC Medical Card (from DSS) showing you are entitled to state social security (after applying present this to the Spanish Social Security to obtain their card)

  • Show proof of Pension or other income / savings

  • IF spouse is dependant upon the other- present original marriage certificate and a photocopy

  • If dependant children - take their original birth certificates and a photocopy.

  • Four passport size photos


EC Law changes means you no longer need apply for a residence permit and you will be registered as a resident on obtaining your Social Security Number when employed by your employer.

This is designed to cut down on the red tape and make the whole process much easier. You will also be eligible to all the Spanish facilities relating to social security payments and health care.


The recent changes in law also effect Self employed positions, once you obtain your Social security number on registering your business (get a Gestoria to help you do this) you will be registered as a resident of Spain and be legally bound to pay taxes etc as a Spaniard would. You will also be eligible to free health care as the Spaniards would.

Below we give the old requirements needed to register for residencia but some will still need to be done to register the business. as we say get an Gestoria to help you)

  • Your I.A.E (business licence obtained from Town Hall) Also Your register for Business TAX from the Tax Office (Hacienda)

  • Certificate of registration as self employed from the Spanish Social Service to pay Social Security (national insurance stamps) approx 225 month - this allows you medical treatment & a retirement  pension after 15 years contributions.

  • If premises are involved you will require an opening licence (from the town hall)

  • A written explanation of the activities to be carried out.

  • Passport and a photocopy & Four passport size photos

  • Receipt of payment of fee (approx 7) Obtain form 750 from police & pay into any bank.

  • Title deeds or rental contract of any premises of the business

  • In the case of a Company ,the deeds of Constitution.

TIP: Always present original documents and a photocopy of everything