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  • The drier, hotter climate helps a host of health ailments

  • The cost of fuel is cheaper in Spain

  • The need for house heating is less

  • Winter clothing costs are less due to the need for lighter cloths

  • Many clubs & social events are arranged to suit most needs

  • Life expectancy is higher than in the UK

  • Anyone Retiring to Spain must obtain a residence visa from the Spanish Consulate (from the UK) or when in Spain.This is now very easy

  • Many charities look for volunteers to help in their cause

  • Age is seen as less a barrier for continued working in Spain hence more respect is shown the older generation than might be found in the UK

  • Should you learn the language many exciting Spanish gatherings can be found

  • Find a home near to shops and suitable for year round living, Think hard before buying a country retreat.

  • Ensure your NI contributions are paid in full until retirement age

  • Pensions will be transferred to your Spanish address by filling in a form obtained from the DSS Ask at your local DSS office

  • Seek financial advice should you have an amount of finance behind you ,as to how best invest this cash. (off shore investments are available from Gibraltar)

  • Speak to your Bank manager (both Barclays & Nat West have Spanish Branches)

  • Do ensure you have sufficient cash or pension to live permanently in Spain (the fall of sterling against the Euro can effect  your life here)

  • Discuss your funeral and will requirements with your partner or family ,this will help save any problems in future times.(this advice is given to ALL expats regardless of age)

  • Spanish funerals are usually conducted within a day or two of death and is seen as more light hearted than their UK equivalents with graves being in tombs rather than under ground

  • Funerals may cost from a few hundred pounds to an average 2750 and most formalities will be conducted by the director ,Tombs are rented for ten year periods and beyond.

  • Plans and arrangements should be made in advance for any remaining partner who could be left following the death of there loved ones.

  • Your financial advisor or UK tax office may give you any tax advice you may require

  • On retirement age you will be entitled to Free health benefits as the Spanish would be including  Hospital treatment, However we would recommend private health insurance if affordable.

  • Doctor & Dentist costs may not be covered by the Social Services which can still prove expensive

  • The British Consulate Office nearest you will offer leaflets and  advice should you contact them.

  • Holiday to your favoured area & ask expats for their views & help in matters that concern you.



  • DSS Pensions & Overseas Benefits, Newcastle upon tyne NE98 1YX  Tel: 06451 54811

  • The Spanish Consulate Office  20 Draycott place,London SW3

  • The British Consulate Malaga Tel: (0034) 952 217571

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