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Many people purchase properties for their own holiday retreat but rent out various weeks as a means to recoup some of the unavoidable on going costs such as maintenance and Community charges.

We are able to help offer the services of a complete
Property  Management Service
from Welcoming in your guests to cleaning and problem solving at a much lesser rate than most Spanish companies - should this service interest you, simply give our help line a ring

Most UK buyers feel better using an English lawyer however few really know Spanish property law. We strongly advice employing a good Spanish Lawyer to represent you in your purchase.


  • Usually property is purchased in an Urbanization being responsible for upkeep & maintenance charges which is equally split between the properties.

  • As in the UK the region in which you purchase will dictate the price which may vary from Urb to Urb) The Islands especially Majorca are more expensive

  • In popular areas prices are on par with North West Britain .3 bed town house 200/ 350K , 3 bed Villa from 380K (following price crash of  2009)

  • Most villas have pools, most Apartments / Townhouses have shared use of pool (A must in Summer !)

  • Bargains can be found (usually by expats returning to UK )  but are readily snapped up -  best have someone look out for you - give us a ring !

  • There are still crumbled down properties with much land to renovate or rebuild Usually out of town or a minimum twenty minutes or so from the coast

  • Beware to elect a good independent lawyer - a new owner inherits any past debts registered to the property - we can guide you in this department

  • The buying process may seem less formal than the UK with part cash payment being common place and the Keys may be picked up from a local bar !

  • Properties in the Cities may dictate a much greater price and are usually harder to come by.

  • Many official agents can be found in most areas and usually speak good English

  • Before buying think what could be built in front or near your purchase or you may end up disappointed with a factory in your front window!

  • Country properties may be much cheaper but check water, electric, phones and the roads to and from area.

  • You may find corresponding property in Spain much cheaper than sometimes advertised in the UK ,If in doubt give us a shout !

TIP: Get to know your area before buying - it may be good to rent first

We have a specialized register of Properties available in Southern Spain and feel sure we will be able to find you your dream home or Business before you come out (e-mail photos ect) and can advise on excellent English speaking Spanish Lawyers, give our help line a call with your requirements