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  • Many native species of birds & animals found in the UK can also be found in Spain

  • The warmer climate sees many migrating birds from the UK settle and rest in Spain in addition to species such as the common giant Eagles and vultures

  • Wolves can still be found inland and are hunted for fear of killing the sheep

  • Bears also live in the dense mountainous regions and old bear traps can be found at most car boot sales

  • Wild boar have been reported in populated Costa regions during the hot    summers, having come down from the hills for food & water

  • Gun clubs exist for shooting game such as rabbits, boar, deer duck, Woodcock and pigeon.

  • The rich tropical vegetation ensures there is plenty of cover for animals to hide

  • Reptiles are plentiful from the tiniest lizards, helping keep the mosquitoes at bay, to the snakes that can be seen (if looked for) in numbers throughout the summer.

  • Be warned the European adder snake (found in the UK) is more common in Spain and has a poisonous bite - Seek Hospital treatment immediately in the unlikely event of being bitten.

  • Chain caterpillars should also be avoided- These crawl down from their pine tree nests in long chains head to toe but if touched their fine hairs can penetrate the skin causing infection . They can be very dangerous for dogs that may sniff at them getting hair in their noses.

  • Most people however are unaware of that such pests exists so don't be put off coming for something that is rare to the everyday person.

  • The sea life is abound with all types of fish including octopus, squid ,Tuna which during their summer run can weigh in at many hundreds of pounds and for those who seek the irresistible dolphins many boat trips can be taken.

  • The mainland hosts most wildlife with the Islands offering a much lesser variety of Animal and indeed the bird life is somewhat limited.

  • Eagles are plentiful in Spain

TIP : Join one of the wildlife or ramblers clubs to find out first hand the best areas to search for the beautiful wildlife of Spain