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  • Find out who's responsible for what maintenance when buying or renting your property.

  • Equally find out who's is responsible for the garden areas, many are communal

  • Seek advice if you plan to change the outside color of your property

  • Wall paper & carpets are rarely seen in Spain- tiles & paint are plentiful

  • Garden sheds are very expensive due to the shortage of wood.



  • House hold repairs & maintenance differ slightly to those common to the UK

  • The drier hotter climate helps preserve wood for longer but can crack paintwork

  • Most windows are single glazed wood or usually aluminium double glazed

  • Houses are usually built without Gutters & outside drain pipes

  • Most  homes are painted on the outside therefore requiring attention every few years

  • Many varieties of paint can be bought and usually cheaper than the UK

  • Metal security grills are common over windows & doors these require periodic painting

  • Install smoke alarms and plan evacuation in case of fire, Security grills can work against you

  • Most houses suffer from internal damp spots during wetter winters

  • Houses are built with little consideration for rain - small leaks are therefore frequent

  • Central heating is not common in Spain however heated air conditioning units are very good

  • Expect to pay around 1000 to have air conditioning put into your home

  • Most urbanization's employ a gardener and maintenance man for small jobs

  • Very old properties tend to hold damp in the clay cavities & is very difficult to cure

  • Modern properties will have air cavities thus eliminating damp problems

  • Most materials & tools found in the UK can be readily bought from the excellent DIY Stores

  • Prices for the above tend to be cheaper than in the UK

TIP: Large B&Q type stores exist in most busy areas


  • Spain is a gardeners paradise with many exotic plants/trees to be found

  • There is usually plenty of water throughout the year to water your garden

  • Some years water is in short demand and this does cause some problems

  • All types of fruit trees grow rapidly in the tropical sunshine

  • Many plants/trees can be found growing wild in the Country side for easy cuttings

  • The big DIY stores have good English type garden supplies

  • The ground gets very hard & dry in the hot summer months & can be difficult to dig

  • The Spanish tools may look a bit dated but they are very effective in doing their jobs.

  • Most gardens rely on Sprinkler systems for watering

  • Lawns are laid from very tough rough grass unlike that of the UK

  • Pests differ from the UK & local knowledge is best consulted

TIP: Many large garden centres exist but most specialize in plants only

TIP: If you are not green fingered then there is no shortage of good gardeners to be found (most will look after your pool also) cost expect to pay around 60 month for twice a week call