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  • The Spanish main Phone Co is  Telefonica

  • Land lines cost approx 110 to install with a monthly charge added to monthly bill

  • Expect to wait a few weeks to have a line installed although 10 days is common

  • A Spanish bank account and 12 monthly rental or residency papers may be needed

  • Rates tend to be less than the UK

  • but cost starts on connection
  • A BT link is available to reduce call charges to the UK ( recommended)

  • There are many phone booths taking cash and cards ..use similar to the UK


Mobil phones are big business in Spain with Airtel or Movie Star (Telefonica) being the two big players offering low cost fixed contracts to residents or the ever popular card pay as you use phones .
Phone packages are cheaper than the UK and good offers can be found eg Buy a phone for 20 and get 40 of free calls this for a basic package.
Cards are available in 5 units upwards .
All systems work equally well and our advice is to simply shop around for the best deal.

TIP: A Mobil phone is invaluable on first arriving ...Put it on top of your list

  • There are 3 Police forces at work in Spain

  • The Local Police deal with minor incidents and can be seen at school crossings

  • The Guardia Civil are most active with Traffic and Crime related incidents

  • The National Police are compared with the UKs  C.I.D and are the top officers

  • Guardia Civil Officers regularly have traffic check points and stop randomly

  • Cannabis now illegal ,had been made legal a few years ago and is therefore not looked upon as dreadful as the UK

  • Many drug hauls are confiscated by the police each year.Offenders are Jailed


  •  TVs of around 8 years old should work fine

  • Older Sets may require adapting for sound in Spain

  • There are many Spanish Channels with a great deal being local networks of poor quality content

  • Sky TV is a big choice for most expats. A 1.3 meter dish will be required

  • Although not technically legal in Spain, Many firms offer the digital system but expect to pay around 500 euros to have installed

  • Bring lots of Videos with you. Blank tapes may cost you more in Spain

  • There are plenty of English based Video rentals to be found and old films etc on the car boot sales

  • There is NO TV License to buy in Spain!

  • Electric is mainly 220- 240 Volts

  • Plugs are round pin type hence need for either adapters available all over for around 1 or buy new plugs

  • All major Appliances and makes can be readily found and usually cheaper than in the UK

  • Power cuts are still a common occurrence so always have a good torch or candles at hand

  • Electric costs are on par with the UK

  • Due to the heavy calcium build up in the water we advise using decal tablets in washing machines

  • All UK appliances work well in Spain

  • Rural Properties may rely upon a power generator for its electric

  • Solar power is popular but around 1000 per unit. 8 or so may be needed


The phone system is good and with new competition to Telefonica, improvements are constantly being made

ADSL is readily available as is Satalite Internet/Phones for more remote areas

To Phone Spain Dial 00 34 and then the number
To Phone the UK from Spain Dial 00 44 then the
STD code less the first digit (0) and then the number