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    • Most items found in the UK can be found here

    • Top designer fashions can be found

    • The latest fashions are available

    • Note the Spanish are not too fashion  conscious

    • Electrical equipment is on par with the UK, if not cheaper

    • Wood and wooden furniture is usually  more expensive than the UK

    • A large selection of the UK named  fashion stores can be found in the many large modern shopping centers


Most shops in the city centres open Monday  - Friday 10am - 2 pm and 5pm - 8pm although selected stores may open longer.

The large shopping centres and very large Hypermarkets (open to the general public ) are usually open 6 day week 10am - 8 or 9pm and sell everything from food and drink to Cloths, Footwear, Mobil Phones , Stationary, Pet supplies to Garden furniture (wait until April for new stocks at lower prices) to cement mixers the range usually being far more diverse than that offered in the UK. 


    • Some Chemists are open 24hrs day

    • Antibiotics are available over the counter

    • Medicines tend to be much cheaper than the UK prescription charge but check first

    • Most Chemists speak English

    • Most shops are very obliging

    • Daily Uk newspapers are on sale


Designer Sport shops abound and can satisfy the most ardent teenager with large savings to be found compared to guess where! ...the UK .. However shop around for those extra bargains. For those Marks & Spencer fans, Spain has a chain of Dunnes Stores ( of equal quality but much cheaper !!! ) or Marks can be found on a day trip to Gibraltar