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  • The cost of living is  generally cheaper than the UK but much depends upon the exchange rates from pounds to Euros

  • Public transport is better & cheaper

  • Cars are cheaper to buy & run, although second hand may retain their value more

  • Most services are a little cheaper than in the UK

  • Most Food items are a little cheaper but again it depends on where you shop

  • Teabags ,Cereals and sliced loafs do cost more

  • Wood for furniture or building tends to be dearer

  • Hairdressers can be found much cheaper

  • Leisure attractions are generally cheaper

  • Eating out can be a fraction of UK prices especially if eating inland



  • Running an equivalent sized home in Spain is usually much cheaper than the UK

  • Most Brits are shocked at the lower cost of living

  • Main essentials of Food, Drink, heating & clothing is generally cheaper in Spain but is dependant on exchange rates.

TIP: The Islands tend to be more expensive than the Mainland


  • A great selection of supermarkets and brands on offer can be found in most favored areas

  • Many English brands are now stocked by a number of leading supermarkets including Iceland (Spain)

  • The Spanish equivalent products are usually just as good but much cheaper

  • Fresh Fish, Fruit & Vegetables smell and taste superior and are very cheap

  • Lots of popular and strange but good fruits can be found growing in or around most areas

  • Meat prices tend to be more on line with the UK although poultry is very cheap

  • Butchers will help in cutting or mincing your own choice simply ask

  • There is a terrific choice of fresh fish in most fish markets

  • Most items found in the UK can be purchased in Spain

  • Olive oil is a great healthy option to fry with and is relatively cheap .

TIP: Try the Spanish brands they are often very good value for money


  • Eating out can be very cheap in Spain especially if you go to one of the many tiny inland villages

  • All types of cuisine is catered for especially in the tourist parts and the Cities and Spain boasts the best restaurant in the World

  • Hygiene standards are generally very good in most Spanish run establishments

  • Beware of eating seafood from very quiet bars

  • Toxic algae can effect muscles in February

  • Be careful not to over indulge in the excellent inexpensive wines

  • Do try the Spanish bars most are very good

  • Tapas is small plates of snacks sold separately for a small fee, be aware some may sell full size portions so do ask

  • Try the fish from grilled sardines on the Beach to fish & chips from the English bars

  • Garlic is used in most Spanish dishes and is both healthy and good

  • Most restaurants charge (up to 1) for bread

  • Eating out at night can last to the early hours of the day

  • Children are welcome at most restaurants and can be seen eating very late at night

TIP: Get to know where the Spanish eat and shop and you will usually find quality at a discount