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  • Drive on the right in Spain

  • Give way to Traffic from the left

  • Be very aware of pedestrians on the road

  • Children of 14  drive motorbikes

  • Be aware of All  motorbike riders

  • Front seat belts are compulsory

  • Older cars frequently have no rear belts

  • Traffic signs are easily understood

  • Roads get very slipy when wet 'beware'

  • Warning amber lights usually flash before reaching  forthcoming traffic lights


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  • Legally you can not drive a car on foreign plates or tourist registration.

  • If you import your presently owned car ,You must pay a special registration Tax of 12% of the new value. The value is reduced for older cars. (A 5 year old car is charged 50% of new value)

  • If you buy a new car in Spain you still pay the 12% tax plus 16% IVA (V.A.T)..or 7% IVA for small cars.  This applies to the Spanish also. See below Vehicle transfers for used vehicles.

          NON -RESIDENTS

  • You may keep a car on foreign registration permanently in Spain but are not allowed to drive it for more than 6 months in a calendar year.

  • You can purchase a car with Spanish registration if you own property in Spain or are        registered as living there or have a rental contract for one years duration.

Tip: It is much easier to drive in Spain with a left hand drive vehicle

What Must be Carried in your Car

  • A Circulation Permit ( given when purchasing a new or used vehicle )

  • I T V Inspection Card ( equivalent to or MOT and just as strict )

  • Receipt for Vehicle Tax ( paid annually from the local municipal offices) Approx. 40 pa

  • Vehicle Insurance receipt ( Usually only 3rd party and not very expensive )

  • Valid Driving License

  • A Spare set of light bulbs and 2 red warning triangles are now  compulsory

  • A first aid kit and a small fire extinguisher is advisable

Tip:   Always carry your passport with you


  • The New photographed pink UK License is now fully accepted throughout Spain

  • The old Green /Pink Uk license can be in scripted on to the Spanish drivers list at the traffic department or exchanged for a New UK (recommended) or Spanish license to become legal.

  • A none resident may drive with his current license without problems


  • You will need a application form obtainable from the traffic department

  • Circulation permit, signed on the back by the seller

  • Current Vehicle Tax

  • Receipt for payment of transfer Tax ( 4% paid to the Tax office on purchased vehicle)

  • Current Vehicle inspection 

  • Residence Permit and Copy

  • Administration fee currently around 30

  • A stamped addressed envelope

TIP: Ask the seller to help sort out the paperwork - they normally will


  • Always de-register a junked vehicle

  • Always transfer the vehicle if you sell or you would be liable for any fines/taxes

  • You may wish to pay a gestoria to help you with these procedures or ring our help line.

  • Right hand drive vehicles fetch a fraction of the price you could get back in the UK

  • The Spanish are not too particular about their cars, many have scrapes and dints



  • You will require an application form from the traffic department

  • Circulation permit & ITV Card or declare you don't have any

  • Vehicle Tax

  • Residence Permit and photo copy

  • Administration fee currently around 5

  • Self addressed envelope

Tip : Always obtain a temporary 'BAJA' if the car is stolen


  • Renewal of Driving License

  • Replacement for lost or damaged License

  • Replacement for lost or damaged Circulation Permit

  • Change of Address on Driving License

  • Change of Address on Circulation Permit

  • Exchange of EU Driving License

  • Opening Times usually 9am - 2pm


City driving is every bit as frustrating as in the UK but venture a few miles out and much
quieter roads are found where driving is far more enjoyable than in the UK

It is a fact that there are far more motor bikes/Scooters to be seen and heard and these do tend to drive erratic everywhere.

The Islands tend to have far less vehicles on the open roads and again driving tends to be a pleasure, once overcoming the strange feeling of driving on the right.

Tip: Do not fear the roads but do respect them as you would in the UK..Happy Motoring !