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  • The Spanish are far more family oriented

  • Class barriers do not exist as in the UK

  • Great efforts and participation are placed on joining in the outside fiestas (holidays)

  • Gatherings are very loud & joyful affairs

  • Death is looked upon much lighter and brighter in Spain

  • Children eat out with their parents until the early hours

  • Foreigners are usually looked upon as friends and are readily welcomed


In Spain there is approximately half the population of the UK living in twice the land mass so space is of the essence, whether this as a bearing on the lower crime figures  is anyone's guess but it is a fact that Spain has probably the lowest crime rate in Europe however mainly petty crime does exist in the built up areas of cities and to a lesser degree in the popular tourist areas, although following  local police clamp downs on reducing tourist crime ,these figures are relatively low but one should be aware such crime does exist.

One only needs to ask any ex pat their views on Spanish Crime and they will probably say 'what Crime' although there is little doubt that it is there but not to the extent witnessed in the UK, Most major incidents sadly are usually at the hands of  foreigners either dealing in Drugs which sadly does exist in Spain (as it does in most countries around the world ) or youth crime and in some cases, from some extreme political group mainly aimed at the Government.


  • There are 3 Police forces at work in Spain

  • The Local Police deal with minor incidents and can be seen at school crossings

  • The Guardia Civil are most active with Traffic and Crime related incidents

  • The National Police are compared with the UKs  C.I.D and are the top officers

  • Guardia Civil Officers regularly have traffic check points and stop randomly

  • Cannabis now illegal ,had been made legal a few years ago and is therefore not looked upon as dreadful as the UK

  • Many drug hauls are confiscated by the police each year.Offenders are Jailed


  • The Spanish enjoy long meal times and many still take an afternoon siesta.

  • Spain is a liberal democratic and lively society

  • The economy is strong and future development within Europe will continue to strengthen Spain

  • There are lots of openings for those seeking them

  • There is no need to worry about what the Jones have in Spain - you are accepted for the Person you are, not what you have

TIP: Offer friendship to the Spanish (what ever position) and feel rewarded Ten Fold !