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The Main Language throughout Spain is Castilian (known to us as Spanish) although due to the
geographical spread and history of the Country ,Various Areas and Communities have adapted their own languages of Catalan, Basque and Galician and many areas have slight variations to these
such as the Balearics ,where speaking straight Castilian can sometimes be frowned upon.
Never the less should you wish to learn the language in advance then Castilian it must be



To learn the language has many advantages
  • Most Jobs are advertised as needing    Spanish as a second language

  • All legalities are conducted in Spanish

  • Simply going to the Doctors , Dentist and School could prove difficult without it

  • The Spanish will welcome your language efforts

  • You get a terrific buzz having  first made      conversation to the locals in their native tongue

  • Simply shopping is made so much easier being able to speak a little


TIP: It is worth moving to Spain prepared with as much language assistance aids as possible...... Dictionaries ..... Small hand held Language converters can be a boon...translation booklets - Pocket size are best .... And possible the very best aid if you plan to install a computer is .......

A Translation Program to run from your Computer .... there is a very good one on the market which translates Spanish to English and vice versa it is marketed by a US company called ' Globalink' The program Globalink Language Assistant -Spanish

We have found this irreplaceable for translating complex rental agreements to basic school notes sent home with the children and is very easy to use although it has to be said that it is not word perfect translating every sentence but you are able to communicate in basic text form. (An example of its use might be your visiting a Spanish Doctor where by you can type down your symptoms before the visit just as a safe guard against them not understanding your problem during communication)

It is available in the UK but should you encounter problems obtaining it, give our help line a ring and we will help.

The key is not to despair if you do not know the language, for in the busy ex pat regions of the Costa's you will find many Brits only too pleased to help (unlike the UK ) and as mentioned the Spanish are well familiar with our language and will try to communicate best they can

In time living with the Spanish ,You will begin to learn the basic requirements of the language. It does come to us all ...
                          In Time !