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  • Due to the size and geographical spread of Spain with its huge mountainous regions, desert and coastal resorts it is little surprise that large fluctuations in the weather can be found. Within a 2 hour journey one can leave the snow bound ski resorts outside Granada to be sun bathing on the quiet winter beaches of the Costa del Sol.


As most of the UK expats tend to head to the warmer Southern or Island regions, this is the area we will deliberate most on. Should you wish to know more about a particular given area please do not hesitate to ring our help line.


  • Much warmer than the UK averaging around 16C daytime and 7C Nighttime

  • The Balearics average a few degrees lower and are subject to colder winds

  • The Canaries average a few degrees Hotter with much warmer winds

  • All areas are subject to short but spectacular winter storms with very heavy rain falls

  • The ground never stays boggy as you would expect in the UK and soon dries up

  • The evenings are subject to very damp air

  • Temperatures on the Costa del Sol region regularly reach the mid twenties

  • Almeria region is renown for its drier spells hence its large desert region

  • Much of the Plant & Tree life  remain in full bloom giving a much greener feel to the area.

  • Sun rises around 8am and Sets around 6-30pm giving longer sunlight than in the UK

TIP: Save those woollens for your second year when You will have acclimatized.


TIP: Start to gradually top up that sun tan whilst the day time heat is acceptable


  • Come June the weather is usually very settled and becoming very hot

  • Mid Summer temperatures can top 40 C and still be in the late twenties at night

  • Air conditioning or at least a fan is a must especially at night

  • Most meals can be enjoyed outside ,which becomes your lounge and living room

  • Be extra careful not to dehydrate, drink lots of water (alcohol will  accelerate dehydration)

    • TIP: Be very aware of just how hot the Sun can be and drink lots of WATER


  • Very similar to Spring possibly a little hotter

  • Pools and the Sea tend to be very pleasant

  • Enjoy the relief from scorching temperatures

  • Working becomes less tiring again !

TIP: Enjoy the final trips to the beach before the onset of winter